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What Might I Be Unaware of About House Odors After Fire Damage?

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

Woman holding her nose You can contact our professionals 24/7. Our fire damage experts are trained in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery and fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO Can Offer You Guidance Since We Have Sufficient Experience Dealing with Fire Damage Restoration in Waterbury.

One of the common effects fires have on buildings is the buildup of bad odors, mostly because of the smoke residues deposited on surfaces. Since fires cause other severe problems, odor issues are relegated to the periphery of the restoration processes. SERVPRO has IICRC certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians who can help you address odor issues in your Waterbury home the right way.  

What makes odor removal different from resolving other fire damages? 

When the fire damage restoration process in Waterbury involves something invisible like odor, many issues can arise that complicate the removal process. For instance: 

  • There is no machine to detect odors 
  • Odors can be psychological  
  • Odor removal requires neutralization of volatile molecules 

If you are keen on restoration procedures, you might have noticed that most of the other damages can be diagnosed with various unique tools, including char depth gauges for materials seared by flames, moisture meters for areas where firefighting water spills, and circuit testers for electrical cables affected by the fire. However, for the odors, you have to rely on your nose. If you are exposed to odor for a long time, you might stop detecting it, or the intensity might diminish even though the odor is still there. 

Sometimes you may experience odors that no one else feels. Although you might have a sharper sense of smell than others, the most likely reason for detecting non-existent smells is psychological. Our SERVPRO technicians incorporate some strategies in the restoration process that address these unique challenges, including: 

  • Placing masking agents in the affected area to provide a sweet scent  
  • Mixing deodorizers with cleaning solutions for general odor removal 
  • Using electronic deodorization techniques such as running hydroxyl generators 

How does SERVPRO manage to remove all volatile odor molecules? 

  • Thorough cleaning and removal of affected materials 
  • Using injection devices to direct deodorizers to concealed sections 
  • Using thermal or ULV foggers to deliver deodorizers in tiny particles maximizing penetration 

SERVPRO of Waterbury can help you address all odor issues after a fire affects your house. Call us at (203) 757-5050. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

8/20/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking Refrigerator Faulty appliances like a leaking refrigerator can quickly cause water damage in your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for assistance.

SERVPRO techs know the damage that a slow leaking appliance can leave behind in your Waterbury home.

It can be frustrating to find water collecting on your kitchen floor. When a refrigerator leaks, there are a few main reasons why this occurs: 

  • Leaking water line inlet, to the water dispenser or ice maker
  • Make sure the power is on, lack of electricity can cause water to drip from defrosting items or overflow the defrost drain
  • Clogged water or defrost drain  

What Type of Water Damage Repair Should I Expect After a Leaking Appliance?  

After the refrigerator gets fixed, the water damage repair in your Waterbury home should occur as soon as possible, as there is the potential for mold growth and other issues. In the case of a long-standing leaking problem, the water can swell and damage the floor covering and subfloor. 

SERVPRO techs can use their moisture detection equipment to determine how far into the subfloor or sheetrock water has migrated. This enables the techs to perform any necessary water removal and set up the best setup for their drying equipment to ensure the area gets dried completely. 

The drying process gets monitored carefully, and the SERVPRO techs take readings during, and after to be sure, all the moisture gets removed. If any signs of mold growth are found, the techs have professional anti-microbial cleaners and abatement technicians to dry and remove any existing colonies. Afterward, the application of a sealant ensures that the mold will not return to the remediated area. 

After the situation gets mitigated, the techs may suggest the installation of dampness detectors around the home in hard-to-see places so small problems can get caught before they turn into significant issues. 

SERVPRO of Waterbury at (203) 757-5050 when you need cleanup and water damage repair. The technicians can identify issues caused by the moisture and return your home back to normal through the use of their advanced equipment and methods. 

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Can Anyone Help When a Midnight Plumbing Emergency Spreads Water Everywhere in my Waterbury Home?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding in the kitchen and living room Call day or night at (203) 757-5050 to schedule a swift assessment and implement a targeted restoration plan.

Our Professionals Know an Urgent Need for Water Damage Repair in Your Waterbury Residence Has No Respect for "Working Hours" -- Why SERVPRO Responds 24/7 Every Day of the Year

It is a nightmare from which all too many homeowners desire to awaken -- water damage that occurs overnight or when you are away from your Waterbury house for work, school, or play. A pipe can break, a water heater can rupture, or a dishwasher can overflow, among dozens of other unpleasant and destructive surprises. You are not prepared for the quantity of the water or the intensity of the potential damage caused by these events. You need around-the-clock water loss damage partner to respond to potentially destructive circumstances.

What Should I Do While Waiting for Professional Help?

When you need water damage repair in your Waterbury residence, it can be tempting to wade in to manage at least part of the mess yourself. Often acting on that urge causes no additional trouble, but if you are unsure of the safety hazard potential in your home's water damage affected spaces, hold off. Even our trained crews wait until the project manager or crew chief performs a safety assessment. Why? Because some of the possible dangers present in an unsecured scene can be injurious or even deadly:

    •    Slip, trip, and fall hazards (especially troublesome in the dead of the night if the electricity is off)
    •    Electrical hazards ranging from tangled cords that can trip to live power conducted freely by the water, causing fire, shock, or electrocution
    •    Chance of structural collapse because of damaged supports or
    •    Overhead hazards when water pools over ceilings
    •    Adjacent hazards when water pool in building cavities  
    •    Contamination issues if the water upended chemical containers, mixed with dirt or grease, or if the waste system backs up
    •    Confined area concerns, where water pools in recesses that are dark, have one-way entrances that double as the only exit out or feature low hanging pipes or ceilings or tight walls

How Do Water Damage Repair Professionals Control the Safety Hazards Noted?

If the presence of one or more safety hazards stops water damage repair from proceeding, the situation would be untenable. Instead, SERVPRO takes steps to control, eliminate, or work around the risks. Some responses are straightforward -- power off the electricity or wear personal protective equipment (PPE) around contaminants. Some of the other issues require a specific yet effective control:

    •    Tape off slippery areas and post warning signage
    •    Use the buddy system or equipment extensions or adaptations  in confined spaces
    •    Employ careful, focused controlled demolition methods to release water from overhead or other building cavities (weep holes, flood cuts)

Safety Concerns? Check! What Is Next?

General Mitigation Services
    •    Pumps and truck-mounted extractors remove the bulk of the liquid water -- as they are gas or generator-powered, the use of this equipment avoids the need for on-site electricity
    •    Portable extractors can go wherever a technician is able, often worn as a backpack -- a good fit for confined spaces

Special Water Removal Circumstances
Injectidry-Type Systems
    •    When detection devices find water trapped in floor layers, we often use floor mats attached to the floor and connected to a negative pressure source, like an extractor, to suction out the water
    •    When water lurks behind walls despite drainage holes, we thread hoses through and try negative pressure to pull the water out (reversing the pressure during drying helps dry air infiltrate the wet cavity)

Structural Drying
Specified technicians (we try to limit the testing duties to one individual for consistency) repeatedly measure moisture levels. That data is used to determine and monitor progress toward drying goals. Drying equipment includes:

    •    Air movers to sweep humid air off wet surfaces
    •    Heaters if needed to modulate temperature
    •    Dehumidifiers to capture and hold moisture for disposal

Our consistent mission is to save residents of our community from the stress and disruption of property loss, why SERVPRO of Waterbury responds to water damage repair requests as soon as practicable. Call day or night at (203) 757-5050 to schedule a swift assessment and implement a targeted restoration plan.

Can Rubber Flooring in Waterbury Get Reused After It Gets Covered in Water?

8/9/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking in a building into a orange bucket Without the proper tools your business could still have lingering water in hard to get places. Contact SERVPRO for water damage mitigation services.

SERVPRO techs have the equipment and training to restore your Waterbury business and contents from any size water disaster

There are many types of flooring options in businesses, one of the most common for business models that require frequent sanitizing is the rolled rubber floorings such as found in fitness centers and daycare facilities. Sometimes applied with adhesive and sometimes simply put in place, this type of floor covering has a high potential for restoration after exposure to even large amounts of water.

Can Rubber Flooring Get Dried in Place After Commercial Water Damage 

In the majority of cases, although the rubber floor tiles frequently have reuse potential after commercial water damage in Waterbury businesses, the way the floor tiles get installed usually results in gaps that allow for seepage. When SERVPRO technicians handle this type of loss, they use their equipment to limit the disruption to the property by:  

Location the migration path of water under the floor tiles  

Removal floor covering only where the need for extraction and drying exists

Removal of small items in the loss area and raising bulky furnishings or equipment on blocks to dry in place

How Can Water Get Removed Rapidly, So Reopening May Occur More Quickly?

SERVPRO technicians have different options for the quick removal of water within a commercial property. Portable pumps are ideal for moving quickly around a loss area and can deploy in large numbers as needed. The techs have access to large numbers of equipment when the water loss is large-scale, the truck-mounted units and pull up copious amounts rapidly. The substrate in the majority determines the drying time and concrete can get dried in short order using the air movers and dehumidifiers.

SERVPRO of Waterbury at (203) 757-5050 works hard to restore your property from commercial water damage. They can handle small to large-scale losses and get your business sanitized and ready to reopen.

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What is the Smartest Way to Approach Water Damage in Waterbury?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak SERVPRO of Waterbury is on your side when you need quality water damage restoration.

SERVPRO Has Water Damage Restoration Techniques That Are Second-to-None – Let Us Take Care of Your Waterbury Property

Any unwanted water infiltrating your interior can become a real problem for both your structural materials and belongings. Prompt action is vital to lessen the loss and cut back on the amount of time that your family gets disrupted. SERVPRO has the techniques and workforce to handle your water restoration needs to ensure your Waterbury interior is back to normal as quickly as possible.

At SERVPRO, we take the time to carefully analyze each water loss event we are called to so that we can put the best methods and equipment to work. When it comes to water damage restoration in Waterbury, we use best practices to get the water out, including:

•    Pumping and extraction
•    Air movement and evaporation
•    Dehumidification

We know that interior water damage can come from a variety of sources. We are available to assist when you are faced with:

•    Malfunctioning appliances
•    Broken or leaking pipes
•    Storm flooding
•    Overflowing toilets
•    Sewage backups, and more

Our processes include the following steps:

•    Water Extraction – We remove all standing water from the loss zone.
•    Controlled Demolition and Disposal – While we work to salvage whenever possible, any materials damaged beyond repair get entirely removed and disposed of properly.
•    Structural Drying – Our skilled IICRC-certified technicians dry out the structure while using a powerful combination of air movers and dehumidifiers.
•    Mold Prevention – All surface areas must be thoroughly disinfected to help inhibit the onset of mold.
•    Rebuilding and Restoring – We take the time to ensure the affected area gets rebuilt to preloss condition, so everything is “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Waterbury is on your side when you need quality water damage restoration. Why call our team at (203) 757-5050? Because we have crews ready to go 24/7 to handle all your emergency restoration service needs.

What Steps Must Begin Right After Flooding Occurs in Waterbury?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

brown sofa floating in a flooded living room Your personal belongings can be damaged during a flood. Contact SERVPRO for flood damage remediation and even item restoration.

Flood damage can be a devastating force in Waterbury homes, meaning that mitigation and recovery efforts should begin as soon as possible.

There are often times where homeowners look at their Waterbury property and determine the best course of action after a flood emergency. The longer this process takes in choosing the right professionals to begin restoration and recovery, the more your home and its belongings could become irreparably damaged. Knowing what to do when flooding first occurs can help you to appreciate your need for professional restoration despite possible mitigative efforts you can begin on your own.

Regarding flood damage in Waterbury homes, several steps must occur, beginning with emergency services when our team arrives. With flooding scenarios, often, the most pressing concern is standing water in the affected areas. Surface water damage can quickly penetrate porous materials, forcing water into structural cavities and causing more substantial concerns like deterioration, microbial threats, or spreading bacteria. The earliest actions that our professionals can take after a flood loss include:

  • Extraction
  • Content Management
  • Debris Removal

What Happens to Damaged Belongings?

Content management is one of the vital services that we offer during your flood-damaged home's mitigation period. The objective begins with assessing the damage to each item or personal belonging still in the house after flooding occurs. Some of these items can get moved to a safer location on the property to prevent damage, while others must get restored on-site or offsite at our SERVPRO facility. In our care at our warehouse, we can offer focused drying, cleaning, and safe storage.

Flooding can be a threatening situation for your home. However, with mitigation beginning as soon as our professionals arrive, there is little to stop you from reaching out to our SERVPRO of Waterbury team as soon as possible. We can make flood losses "Like it never even happened." Call us at (203) 757-5050.

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What Happens to My Belongings in a Pack-Out Process?

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs packing away contents of home SERVPRO knows that your contents are just as important as the rest of your Waterbury home. We will handle all of your property with care.

Fire damage to Waterbury homes is sometimes severe and requires off-site recovery of impacted contents and belongings through a pack-out process. 

Fire restoration for many Waterbury homes involves practical solutions to protect belongings and contents within the property. While deodorization, debris removal, and other mitigation objectives can be a pressing need once extinguishing is complete, it is the possessions in your house that can make it feel like home. We strive to limit your expenses by offering consistent and reliable content management when we first arrive.

Fire damage in Waterbury homes can often spread rapidly from the most damaged area, the ignition point, to the rest of the property. Using channels like the HVAC system, smoke, ash, and debris can impact contents and structural surfaces throughout the house. While there are options that can sometimes exist to relocate your belongings to a safe place within the worksite to prevent exposure, this is not always practical, and there are many circumstances where the damage has already begun.

What is Content Management? 

In more understandable terms, content management is the series of actions taken when technicians first arrive to reduce the devastation that migrating effects can present. An evaluation conducted on an item-by-item basis determines what individual items require and the best approach to return them to their original state. There are some situations where relocation on-site or basic cleaning techniques can be enough to protect and preserve furniture, textiles, and personal belongings, but not always. After a structure fire, some conditions can impact these individual items directly, leaving several obstacles for our responding technicians. Some of these include:

  • Soot
  • Smoke Damage
  • Odors
  • Ash

When Is Pack-Out Necessary? 

In the instances where damage to your belongings has become too severe for on-site recovery, some options exist to restore them in our SERVPRO facility. Utilizing some of the most sophisticated recovery tools in the industry, we have a team of cleaning technicians who are available to restore your most treasured items and keepsakes to their original conditions. Pack-out is often a last resort situation, as leaving your possessions in the care of our professionals can be a stressful option for many property owners.

There are specific conditions where pack-out might be impossible to avoid, however. To preserve and protect some of your belongings after a structure fire, it requires immediate attention with some of the sophisticated approaches in our warehouse to remove:

  • Surface Residues
  • Odors
  • Water Damage

How Do I Know My Items Are Safe? 

The Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) ensures that we always have the right information about your possessions while they are in our care. While the pack-out and off-site recovery of your belongings might be inevitable after a fire, it can still be a challenge to hand control of these items over to our professionals. The CCIS approach documents everything about the items in our care from their value and placement in the house to detailed accounts of their damage.

Asset tracking and management are also services offered. At any point, we can show where one of your items is, what is actively happening with it, and grant you access to them whenever possible.

What Cleaning Do My Items Need? 

  • Ultrasonic Immersion Tank – The immersion tank uses thousands of bubbles generated by vibrations to break soot and smoke residues loose on hard materials.
  • Ozone Chamber – While ozone might be unsafe for use in homes when occupants or pets are still present, it remains one of the most efficient odor removal practices for our warehouse. We have a chamber to address an entire room's worth of contents simultaneously.
  • Wipe Cleaning – We often rely on potent chemical agents and cleaning products. Wipe cleaning is a way to address immediate surface damages and residues but does nothing to impact any conditions beneath this surface layer.
  • Drying – Water damage is one of the common compromising factors with structure fires because of extinguishing. In some cases, water damage can be more severe and threatening than soot, odors, and other fire loss effects. 
  • Safe Storage – Once restoration completes on the items in our care, we can safely store them in our climate-controlled facility. Whenever restoration completes, we can move these items back to their original positions. 

Fire losses can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when it comes to recovering the individual items and contents in your house that matter the most to you. Our SERVPRO of Waterbury team can help with nearly all aspects of restoration and recovery as soon as we arrive. Give us a call anytime at (203) 757-5050.

A Malfunctioning Heater Has Caused Water Damage in My Property. Who Can Help Me to Remove the Water?

6/19/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage in the basement of a home, with SERVPRO equipment. Water damage to your Waterbury home can cause big issues, let SERVPRO help today.

Call a Remediation Company to Perform Water Removal in Your Waterbury Home

Water from a malfunctioning water heater can cause hazardous and costly damage in your Waterbury home when ignored for an extended period. That’s why you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. 

Between my insurance company and the restorers, whom should I call first?

You should contact your insurance provider first to inform it about the water intrusion incident, and then contact a restoration company. Your insurance company can advise you to hire SERVPRO to perform water removal in your Waterbury home. If it is necessary to take emergency measures to mitigate the water damage, you can sign an agreement and our restorers can begin the restoration process. Begin the water removal process within a short time can prevent secondary damage like: 

  • Mold infestation
  • Water spotting
  • Color bleeding
  • Swelling of wood flooring
  • Microbial growth

Our team can speak with and coordinate with your insurance adjuster, who may visit your home to inspect and document the damage. Our team can complete a report called the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS), which inventories items in a house and categorizes them as non-salvageable, salvageable, or questionable. 

How much water can cause damage?

It takes only a few inches of water to cause damages to a home. Our technicians can minimize the harmful effects of water damage by providing prompt and reliable water removal. We can use portable pumps or wet/dry vacuums to remove the water. 

Can you dry my wet carpet?

We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to speed up the drying process. If your carpet has absorbed lots of water, we can use a stationary tool to extract it. The tool needs weight to work effectively on porous surfaces. Therefore, our restorers can stand upon the device to provide the extra weight. We attach a vacuum system to the device to pull the excess water through the tiny holes. 

We can also use several centrifugal air movers to increase the airflow in the affected area. Airflow increases the rate of evaporation, even in the hard to reach areas. 

How can you disinfect my property?

We use approved techniques that offer protection against mold, germs, and odors. We can use a broad-spectrum disinfectant like Microban, which is both a quaternary compound and phenolic to eradicate microbes. The product is effective against different varieties of bacteria, fungi, and some viruses. In addition, the product helps us fight odors. Quaternary Compounds have a naturally pleasant smell that counteracts foul odors even without an added fragrance. 

Do not let water damage affect your daily way of life. Contact SERVPRO of Waterbury at (203) 757-5050 for reliable water removal services. We can make the water loss appear, “Like it never even happened.”

How Long Does Water Restoration in My Waterbury Shop Take?

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

"Come in we're open" Our teams at SERVPRO know how important it is to continue business as usual, we will have you back in business in no time. Give us a call today.

With a fast response encompassing time and money-saving mitigation work, our SERVPRO professionals can help. 

Time is everything for your Waterbury shop. From the time that it takes to receive new stock to how quickly you can reach your customer base with the products, every hour could be costly. The same is true with restoration efforts after a water loss incident in your store. Water losses can be highly threatening situations for how quickly they can spread, and the number of exposed contents that are susceptible to saturation. 

There are many different levels of water restoration for your Waterbury shop after a loss incident. As challenging and overwhelming as it might appear, the right response of confident and qualified technicians can make a difference. Our SERVPRO professionals have extensive training and experience to begin protecting your business and its wares as soon as our technicians arrive. Emergency services and mitigation can protect the stock that matters most and improve the efficiency of later restoration efforts. 

What Can Happen Until Help Arrives? 

It might not be evident what you should do while you are waiting for qualified technicians like ours to arrive at the scene. After you have spoken with both our emergency line and your insurance provider, there are a few things that you can do before we reach your building. When safe to perform, these added measures can limit the irreparable damage to some of the shop's contents and structural integrity. These steps include: 

  • Moving Contents – One of the steps that you might consider while you are waiting for our professionals is to relocate your personal belongings, stock of the store, and equipment to a safer location. Often you have a storage area that might not be affected by the water damage, and relocating items from the path of migrating water can save money. 
  • Shutting Off Running Water – We encourage many of our commercial colleagues to prepare in advance for emergencies. This preparedness often involves knowing where the main shutoff to the building is to stop the flow of water to pipes during an emergency. 
  • Getting Staff Out of the Structure – It is considerably challenging to work around several individuals when our team arrives for extraction, cleaning, and restoration. Encourage your employees to leave to allow our restoration team to set up as necessary. 

What Are the Vital Elements of Water Restoration? 

Water restoration might vary from one site to the next, but there are fundamental aspects that can often involve every location where these emergencies occur. Between emergency services and mitigation steps, we can perform many of these tasks. Successfully beginning, many of these actions can reduce out of pocket expenses and the time that restoration takes. These primary focal points are: 

  • Water Removal – Removing surface water and trapped moisture from materials can be a vital step in protecting exposed flooring and wall systems. With carpeted floors in the central area of your shop, water removal tasks like weighted extraction can prepare the material for efficient evaporative drying. 
  • Drying – Many tools play a vital role in removing lingering moisture from the environment and exposed materials. Centrifugal air movers and dehumidifiers are the backbones of efficient and practical drying.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning is a standard tie for all types of loss incidents, and with water damages, there are residues and structural damages that also must get cleaned up after.
  • Content Management – Protecting your wares and the stock begins as soon as our team arrives. Through relocation and transferring to our local SERVPRO facility, your belongings and inventory can receive the best possible care. 

What is an Emergency READY Profile Plan? 

TThe ERP, or Emergency READY Profile Plan, is an app system that connects a business or property owner with our SERVPRO team's skilled technicians. By conveying time-saving and critical information that our responding technicians might benefit from knowing, we can reduce restoration times and overall expenses with a more efficient approach. Some of the advantages of an ERP include:

  • Time-Saving Information
  • Contact Information
  • The Layout of the Structure 
  • Chain of Command for Restoration Decisions

No matter how problematic water losses can be for your shop, our SERVPRO of Waterbury team can help with fast and reliable service. When you add in possibilities like the free ERP program, we can offer even quicker outlets for water removal, drying, and cleaning. Whatever your shop needs, our professionals are here to help. Give us a call anytime at (203) 757-5050.

How Can I Limit the Damages from Flooding in Waterbury?

6/7/2020 (Permalink)

flooded residential street with warning cones and reflectors Excess water can quickly enter your home from outside. Take precautions and when you are safe, contact SERVPRO for water removal.

Waterbury Storms May Leave Your Home with Flood Damage, But SERVPRO Has the Restoration Services You Need

Spring storms pose a threat to Waterbury homes, including the potential for flood water infiltrating your interior. When you call SERVPRO for emergency service, our crew springs into action to get to work quickly. The faster that water cleanup begins, the easier it is to limit the amount of secondary damage to your belongings, materials, and structure of your home.

Is it Possible to Salvage Soaked Belongings?

We work to salvage whatever possible when you have flood damage in Waterbury, where water has saturated your belongings. Testing gets done to determine the contaminant levels in the water and the best way for our team to proceed. For anything we cannot salvage, everything is carefully documented and then disposed of.

Why Choose SERVPRO for Flood Restoration?

We arrive with our fleet fully stocked with the best tools and equipment for the extraction, drying, and clean up phases. Just a sampling of the reasons our customers count on us in these emergencies include:

  •   Fast Response – We deploy a team quickly so that we may assess the damage and formulate a plan of action. This allows our technicians to complete each project promptly.
  •   Detailed Documentation – Flooding in your home is stressful, but our team takes care of the details. We record the damages and handle the paperwork for both your records and for your insurance claim.
  •   Professional Equipment – We have a high-powered extraction tool, air mover technology, and EPA-registered cleaning agents at our disposal. To ensure that you never have lingering odors or the onset of harmful mold or mildew, we use professional moisture detection tools that find all hidden pockets of moisture in the home. 

SERVPRO of Waterbury is here when you need skilled technicians for flood damage restoration. Call (203) 757-5050 to have a team sent to your location to start the cleanup.

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